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Serving on the CVA Board

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

At the beginning of this year, I was nominated to serve on the CVA Board of Directors and assume the role of Secretary. Though my professional experiences have taken me along many diverse paths, I'd never walked the path of non-profit board membership. In addition, my responsibilities extended to operationalizing the non-profit. This included web site design and development, marketing brochure layout, introductions to other non-profit organizations, and working with our Executive Director, Rachel Covington.

I remember a meeting when my son began high school where the school president talked about parental time, treasure, and talent. The contributions made to that school are consistent with board requirements. The intrinsic rewards of board membership are a product of our time, treasure, and talent.

Serving on this board has expanded my professional repertoire and brought great fulfillment. Helping other non-profits realize their aspirations is what we do at CVA.

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