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Year In Review

Transforming the nonprofit community in a positive manner is imperative to CVA’s mission & vision. This year’s annual report reflects the hard work of our staff, board and volunteers who believe in our cause.

Executive Director, Rachel Covington

Think of CVA as a capacity building specialist---working specifically in the non-profit sector—to strengthen and empower our community.  We transform the way non-profit organizations operate and achieve their mission. Non-profit organizations make up a large part of the community’s fabric with 18,000 registered nonprofits in the greater St. Louis area.  The bulk of public charities in the following categories reported small annual budgets: arts, culture, humanities, community improvement, crime, K-12 education, environment, religion. The majority of these provide services to the underprivileged, and one-third are projecting annual budgets of over $250,000.  According to a recent report by Washington University, St. Louis City non-profits employ a comparatively large portion of the private workforce. 

While non-profit organizations play a critical role, CVA’s role is to walk side by side with our nonprofit partners to strengthen infrastructure and ensure positive operational results so that the organization is poised for continued success and growth with the result being more quality services to those in need.

Corporate Partners

Special thanks are extended to those who chose to enter a meaningful partnership with Community Value Alliance.  Donations are designated for scholarships to worthy non-profit organizations.  This year we are delighted to announce three new partnerships:  Lindenwood University (Diamond Level), Carrollton Bank (Gold Level), and Solomon Turner (Gold Level).  Our award luncheon will be on February 20, 2024.

New Initiative - Nonprofit 360

This comprehensive curriculum is designed to educate nonprofit leaders & board members on business acumen while instilling the ever-present need to raise significant resources. We are looking forward to present our first cohort held at Lindenwood University-CVA Corporate Partner in February.

New Initiative - Nonprofit Modeling

Utilizing the same methodology employed by innovative for-profit companies, CVA partner, Lindenwood University, uses a product/service innovation framework to provide a custom diagnostic for nonprofit organizations.  A certified facilitator guides nonprofit organizations through a simple visual structure/business plan to tell the story of how resources flow within the context of their organization. Used in tandem with the existing strategic planning process an organization has previously adopted, the two-session process is complemented by a diagnostic write up and follow-up “what next?” support provided by industry experts.

Service Delivery

The business model continues be a highlight for real-time services.  Twenty (20) clients have benefitted from CVA’s services, and over thirty (30) services have been delivered over the past three years. 

In partnership with our service providers, we have delivered the following services to these clients since CVA’s inception:  

  • Financial Accounting

  • Human Resources

  • Strategic Planning

  • Staff Recruitment

  • Board Development



 Through our consulting efforts CVA touched hundreds of people in the greater St. Louis area.  We extended our impact through the delivery of educational presentations.

Presentations included: 

  • Delmar Divine: Integrating Margin/Mission

  • Enterprise University: Board Engagement

  • Regions Bank:  Integrating Margin/Mission

Clients Served 2023


  • Access Psychology Foundation

  • A Red Circle

  • Jazz St. Louis

  • Love Like Jackson 

  • Liv Recovery Sober Living

  • Pocket Parks




"As Chairman of the Board of a large regional nonprofit organization, I believe I benefited from your seminar at St. Louis Community College.  The insights and information you provided will help me bring our board of directors forward and enable our organization to both grow and enhance the services we offer in this ever-changing environment. Your forward-looking emphasis on strategies and succession planning certainly stimulated creative, yet stable, approaches that apply to our organization.”

 Tom Morrissey, Chairman of Board, Challenge Unlimited

"They are skilled, seasoned professionals and simply lovely to work with."

Dr. Latta McGinn, Access Psychology Associates

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