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Introducing NonProfit 360

CVA recognized that well-designed nonprofit education can affect the knowledge base for nonprofits, leading to improved operational health and vitality. Desiring to expand our cadre of highly credible collaborators, CVA formalized a partnership with Lindenwood University's Duree Center for Entrepreneurship to develop and deliver a full, best practices curriculum called NonProfit 360.

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Our curriculum covers topical areas including: Lifecycle, Program Planning, Board Development, Volunteer Management, HR Compliance, and more! The program then transitions to a Roundtable Council called The Non-Profit Alliance.  This Council offers a transition to collaborative learning with subject matter experts.  Cost per participant of $2,500 includes enrollment in 11 weekly, 2-hour in-person learning sessions and an additional six-months of intensive small-group support with the Council.  

Next Steps

Want more detail?  Click HERE  to download a brochure.  

Click HERE to apply for the program.

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