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What We

Community Value Alliance (CVA) is a non-profit advisor offering exceptionally qualified services to the non-profit community.  We transform non-profit organizations by creating a for-profit model.  Ultimately, we help non-profits create conditions to help more people lead better lives. 

Realize your aspirations with us.

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Introducing NonProfit 360

CVA is proud to introduce this groundbreaking program to deliver a full, best practices curriculum expanding the capacity and technical expertise of non-profit organizations.

Learn more about NonProfit 360 HERE.

We're Here For You

CVA, a 501 (c)(3) organization, aligns with your non-profit to deliver successful services no matter where you are in the continuum.  Fluidity is part of the non-profit culture.  As non-profits change leadership, staff, and boards, CVA stays with you.

Help Us With Our Mission

Help CVA further its mission of creating conditions to help more people lead better lives.

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