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Year in Perspective

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

CVA became operational in January of 2021. It's hard to believe it's already been a year. As Executive Director, I am dedicated to the common good and believe we can positively affect the economic viability of our community. As we discussed in our strategic planning meeting in September the region needs our services. Statistics show that St. Louis houses a large number of public charities with 14,400 nonprofits registered in the region — 60.9% of these are reported to have budgets under $250,000. The need for capacity building among the St. Louis nonprofit sector can be appreciated because many nonprofits are small with few resources, and these charities are the foundation for which the nonprofit sector has been built.

I'd like to offer highlights from a successful first year of operation.

Service Provider Coalition

CVA board members and I have worked to recognize the overwhelming need nonprofits have for delivering operational goals and sustaining the organizations into the future. We assembled a group of for-profit companies to assist in providing a toolbox for organizations. These thoroughly vetted companies support our mission and have experience working with nonprofits. The following companies comprise our service provider ecosystem:


Aegis Law


Holmes Radford & Reynolds, Inc.

Michael D. Rubin and Associates

MFP Employee Benefits & HR Services, LLC

Omiga, Inc.

People Solutions Center

Promo Xpertz, LLC

Rachel A. Covington — Fundraising Consultant & Executive Director

Renaissance Financial

Spencer Web Design

Travers Training and Consulting, LLC

Corporate Partners

We also introduced the Corporate Partner Program. This program provides service scholarships for challenged nonprofits. Our partners share the belief that nonprofits must aspire to create a sustainable future in order to support communities. Corporate Partner donations are allocated to service scholarships in the areas of:

  • Finance

  • IT

  • Strategic Services

  • Fundraising & Marketing

  • Human Resources

  • Legal

  • Investments

  • Other


CVA partnered with Rockwood School District (RSD) to host an internship, allowing for education and exposure of the nonprofit industry to students. RSD student Megan Liu spent several weeks assisting in back-office operation and visiting potential clients.


CVA joined the West St. Louis County Chamber of Commerce and sponsored their April general membership meeting. In addition, I delivered the address at the Chesterfield Regional Chamber's general membership meeting that same month. In October, CVA hosted a booth at the St. Louis Business Expo where board secretary Jim Mosquera assisted with preparation and staffing. The Chesterfield Regional Chamber provided another opportunity at their December member meeting where we had a booth and I addressed the audience.

Client Engagement

CVA’s project deliverables in IT, HR, Fundraising, Strategic Planning, Marketing and Legal services included the following:

  • Organizational Assessments

  • Personnel Handbooks

  • Executive Director Search

  • Case Statements for Fund Development

  • Board Development

  • Strategic Planning

Client List

Access Psychology Foundation

All for Family

Alive St. Louis


Caring for Kids

Cognitive and Behavioral Consultants Foundation

Job Seekers Garden Club of St. Louis

Liam Michael Foundation

Life Compass

Riverbend Family Ministries



Job Seekers Garden Club of St. Louis

Deb Bostic, Board Member

After listening to Rachel from CVA describe how she and Michael could help our Job Seekers Garden Club group share connections and career stories with the community, I was determined to do my part by providing monetary support so we could move forward with CVA's proposal to our Board. It feels good to know that I am helping others who are in transition.

Riverbend Family Ministries

Tammy Iskarous, Executive Director

What CVA did for us was transformational!


We collaborate with our clients, service providers, and funders walking through the journey with each client. For more information on how nonprofits can benefit, please call me, Rachel Covington, at 314-780-2902 or visit our website.

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