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Week 5 as an Intern with CVA

This internship is flying by as this week is my 5th week with Community Value Alliance. This week was great as I was really able to see how much I've learned. Through debriefings with Rachel, I continued to realize that I've learned and grown so much through my time here with Community Value Alliance. I gained more knowledge on how CVA works to help non-profits in area they struggle with and how service providers work with CVA to create a strategic plan. Also, I learned more business terminology such as what a CPA, CFRE, and moves management means through my conversations with Rachel. I find myself able to understand more of the conversation as the internship progresses which is awesome. Furthermore, I gained insight on the role of educational offerings and what they bring to an organization. Overall this week has been amazing and I've learned and grown so much through this incredible experience.

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