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Service Provider Spotlight - AEGIS Law

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

AEGIS, a Greek mythological symbol referred to as a protective shield in the Illiad, is an innovative, business-focused, modern law firm offering integrated professional services to emerging and established companies throughout the United States.

CVA is pleased to have AEGIS Law as our legal services provider. They offer the following to the non-profit community

AEGIS Law logo


  1. Pre-organization and pre-incorporation planning.

  2. Preparation and filing of Articles of Incorporation in any state.

  3. Preparation of all initial organizational by-laws, resolutions and policies.

  4. Negotiation of internal agreements, management and employment agreements and policies.

  5. Negotiation and preparation of external agreements, supplier agreements, premises and equipment leases.

  6. Municipal, state and federal permits, applications and regulatory compliance filings.

  7. Preparation and filing of federal applications for tax exempt treatment under the internal revenue code.

  8. Preparation and filing of state applications for sales and use tax exempt treatment and related filings.

  9. Annual maintenance filing with state governments and annual registrations.

  10. Organizational mergers and extraordinary business transactions and purchases of assets.

  11. Ongoing and regular counselling as needed.

  12. Dissolution and winding up of operations, liquidation and distribution of assets.

  13. Representation in civil litigation and regulatory or enforcement proceedings.

  14. Intellectual property matters such as state and federal copyright and trademark related filings.

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