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Second Week as an Intern

For my second week with Community Value Alliance as an intern, I was given the opportunity to dive right back in from a two week break. During this week, I continued to gain knowledge about fundraising, more specifically about the fundraising pyramid and the importance of the this pyramid for fundraising campaigns. I also learned that donors are more likely to give money to non-profits that are more successful. Furthermore, I attended a meeting with Riverbend Family Ministries and saw the impact CVA makes on this organization. I noticed how appreciative Riverbend Family Ministries are for the services CVA provides which allows non-profits, like Riverbend Family Ministries, to be able to focus more on providing service to the best of their ability. Additionally, through this meeting, I really saw how passionate RFM is for putting a team of smaller non-profits together and providing the resources to help families and children who have experienced trauma. Overall, the second week as been great and I thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunity to jump right back in.

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