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My 4th Week as an Intern with CVA

My 4th week with Community Value Alliance was wonderful as I continued to dive deeper into the operations of non-profits. At the start of the week, I expanded my knowledge of fundraising and more specifically crowd fundraising through sites like Go-Fund-Me. Furthermore, I learned that in order to acquire a grant, non-profits can be required to complete assessments of their organization. Later in the week, I attended a meeting with Wings of Hope, located in Chesterfield. Through this meeting, I saw the drive and passion non-profits have for delivering their mission. Also, I truly enjoyed expanding my knowledge about the non-profits located in St. Louis as I did not know about which organizations were located here. At the end of the week, I learned about the financial aspects of non-profits, such as corporate partners, line of credit, and sustainable cash flow. These past four weeks with CVA have been eye-opening in the world of non-profits and business operations and I've thoroughly enjoyed my experience thus far.

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