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First Week as an Intern

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

My first week in the office has been enriching and wonderful. During this first week, I attended meetings and listened in to phone calls with Executive Director, Rachel Covington. Walking in to this internship, I was excited to dive into this experience as I have never been involved in the operations of a non-profit before. I was immersed, just in this first week, in the intricacies of non-profit operations and the business/legal components of non-profits as well. Through attending meetings and having debriefings with Mrs. Covington afterwards, I gained knowledge about audits, case statements, and the importance of checks and balances in business. Finally, I attended my first board meeting on Friday and I gained insight into the process of how to run a successful and effective meeting. Overall, this first week has been wonderful and insightful and I can't wait to see how much I learn and experience as this internship progresses.

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