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Executive Director Offers Education

Updated: May 17, 2023

As part of CVA's educational focus, Executive Director, Rachel Covington, recently taught a course at St. Louis Community College on board development. Here's what the participants said,

As Chairman of the Board of a large regional non profit organization, I believe I benefited from your seminar at St. Louis Community College. The insights and information you provided will help me bring our board of directors forward and enable our organization to both grow and enhance the services we offer in this ever-changing environment. Your forward-looking emphasis on strategies and succession planning certainly stimulated creative, yet stable, approaches that apply to our organization.

I, too, benefitted from your class. It touched on many important aspects of board development, especially board member selection and board member expectations. I’d recommend this class for anyone interested in board development, regardless of experience. There’s something for everyone!
Many thanks.

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