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CVA & Project Interface

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Project Interface is an opportunity Rockwood School District offers their high school juniors. This is a perfect time for this student population to think about careers and post high school graduation. Rockwood launched this program over ten years ago and since inception has expanded the number of students and participating businesses. Benefits of this program include career exploration opportunities, matching partner interests, and obtaining real-world experience.

Community Value Alliance had the privilege of hosting a stellar student, Megan Liu. Megan arrived on June 7th eager to learn about the non-profit industry. In so doing, Megan learned that CVA strategically aligns organizations to be sustainable. Megan met many of our non-profit clients and learned how CVA has been able to help achieve sustainability.

It is interesting to note that during Megan’s time with CVA and Executive Director, Rachel Covington, she was able to compare her assumptions with reality.

Here were a few of Megan's assumptions:

  • Non-profit operation is a simple endeavor.

  • Non- profits are run by volunteers.

  • Donations are the only source of funding.

The contrasting realities assert:

  • Successful non-profits have an effective business model.

  • Non-profits employ people to do the work.

  • There is a plethora of revenue streams.

Here's what Rachel had to say about her intern,

Megan was a delight to work with. She is bright, witty, and caring.

In the last conversation before the culmination of the program, Rachel asked Megan what were some of her key learnings. Here is what Megan related


  • It is important to “make friends.” (Build relationships)

  • A non-profit is more than a charity, it is a business.

  • She was happy to grasp business terminology.

  • She witnessed firsthand the drive and passion necessary for delivering compelling missio


Project Interface director, Gayla Sajben related the following about her experience with CVA,

It was a pleasure to get to know you and CVA and how you serve nonprofits. Megan so enjoyed her time and you were a wonderful mentor in allowing her so many hands-on projects and encouraging her to blog about her experiences and challenge herself.

CVA looks forward to hosting another intern in the future. We hope she'll get as much out of the program as Megan.

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