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An Intern's Journey

Intern Andrew Rueve describes his time at CVA:

Week 1

My first week as an intern at CVA was incredible. I didn’t just make copies or get people coffee, instead, I was able to sit in on lunch meetings with potential clients and help work on a luncheon for corporate partners. In my first week, I have been able to learn a lot about the non-profit world and how it is not as similar to the for-profit world as I once thought. By being able to be included in meetings I have learned where non-profits need help and got educated on what it takes to run a non-profit. For instance, you need to keep records of everything having to do with finances and personnel. In conclusion, my first week was very insightful and I cannot wait for next week at CVA to see what I will do and learn.

Week 2

In my second week at CVA I had a lunch meeting with a woman who could be a potential client, so we discussed what we do at CVA, and she discussed what she did. She is a banker for a small bank in town and she explained that in the 70s the community reinvestment act was passed, and it made every bank have a community development branch and they must do certain things in the community in order to get federal money. There was no talk about becoming a partner or a service provider. I was confused so I asked Rachel, my mentor, and she said that the meeting wasn't necessarily to have her be a part of CVA immediately but to form a relationship and to get back to her in the future or she could get back to us and then we could discuss a partnership. I realized and learned that not every meeting you have is going to be about a partnership but sometimes it's just to make that relationship and to network. I can’t wait to see what I'll learn next at CVA.

Week 3

In my 3rd week at CVA I had the amazing opportunity to go to a conference at Lindenwood University. At this conference CVA and I were able to network with other non-profits and listen to others talk at breakout groups. We listened to people talk and learned about issues and solutions within the non-profit community. We were also able to find potential clients, service providers, and corporate partners that could help us with our mission. I got to meet some incredible people and learn of amazing organizations, and I can’t wait to see what happens in my next week at CVA.

Week 4

This will be my final blog at CVA since the next time I go into the office I will be giving my final presentation. I wanted to say that my experience at CVA has been incredible. I really got to see the organization grow. In fact, on my first day I went to a lunch with a woman at Regions Bank-Delmar and we talked about her becoming a corporate partner. Just recently, we had another meeting with her and she agreed to come on as a partner offering her expertise, which is huge. The experience was very fulfilling for me to see things get done and to see that patience and hard work pays off. I am very grateful for the opportunity I have been given through this internship and I am a much better and smarter person because of it. Signing off one last time at CVA.

Andrew Rueve
Andrew delivering his final presentation

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