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CVA Adds NonProfit 360 — A new frontier for nonprofit education

Community Value Alliance (CVA) breaks new ground, adds NonProfit 360. CVA recognizes that well-designed nonprofit education can impact their knowledge base. Much of current educational offerings focus on fundraising, which while important, only addresses a fraction of operational responsibilities. To address this shortcoming, CVA formalized the creation of a full, best practices curriculum called NonProfit 360.

The curriculum includes:

  • Accounting

  • Human Resources

  • Legal Protocols

  • Strategic Planning

  • Marketing

  • Board Governance & Development

  • IT and Security

  • Change Management

  • And More!

After completing the initial curriculum, assembled cohorts will participate in Roundtable Councils where they will meet with subject matter experts to review implemented action from the initial curriculum. They will also get exposure to diagnostic sessions and have the opportunity to explore merger opportunities in the non-profit space. The Roundtable Council portion will be flexible to meet participant demand.

Collaboration with new ecosystem partner, Lindenwood University, will facilitate the conferral of CEU credits.

NonProfit 360 Logo
NonProfit 360 Logo

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